Booking Fee
  • Island booking fee is from $80
  • Booking Fee is $95 if booking is made within 3 hours of start time
Sitting Fee From
  • Hourly rate is for one to two children
  • All bookings require a minimum of three hours, there is no extra charge after midnight
Extra Children
  • Extra charge applies to each additional child
  • Maximum amount of children is dependant on ages


Booking Conditions

  • Sitting fees are to be paid direct to the sitter at the end of the service based on our hourly rate
  • There is no extra charge after midnight
  • Travel surcharge applies for Freedom Shores, Paradise Cove, Hydeaway Bay, Cape Gloucester, Earlando, Proserpine, Montes, Dingo Beach and Bowen
  • Group rates are available. Please enquire at time of booking
  • Rates remain the same during school holidays, however Public Holiday attract an extra hour's charge
  • Sitters generally cannot start after 8.30pm (unless in special circumstances)
  • Overnight sitting is also available - these rates are negotiable dependent on the client's needs
  • Rates for Public Holidays are available upon request
  • All sitting services incur a Booking Fee that is payable at time of booking. Cancellation within 7 days will forfeit Booking Fee

Airlie Beach Babysitting by Danielle upholds current Public and Products Liability Insurance which covers all baby sitters sub contracted to the agency. The Queensland Government’s Commission for Children and Young People is committed to protecting children from harm and promoting their wellbeing. The Commission for Children and Young People Act (2000) requires people who work with children (under 18 years of age) to undergo a criminal history check – the Working with Children Check. Suitable applicants are issued with a suitability card or “blue card” which they must be able to produce to work with children. Airlie Beach Babysitting by Danielle ensures that all sitters have a current “blue card”.