Tell us what your child loves


At Airlie Beach Babysitting we understand that you don’t want just any babysitting service… You want a child minding service that will ensure your children are enjoying their time at your wedding or on your holiday as much as you are!

At Airlie Beach Babysitting we ensure that every child has a fun-filled time when in the care of our babysitters and child minders. We provide a vibrant atmosphere through employing only energetic and effervescent staff. A playful baby sitting or child minding session is always achieved through providing a variety of activities to suit each child and age group. A variety of activities including board-games, dress-ups, arts and crafts, treasure hunts, nature hunts and many more playful practices can be arranged for your children.

You can assist us by advising us at the time of booking if your child has a favourite activity, book or movie so we can do our absolute best to ensure their time with Airlie Beach Babysitters is a vibrant, playful and fun time. We will work alongside you to ensure your child has a fun and fulfilling experience whilst in our care.